Ramteam®™ Records is the in-house label of the Ramteam Group ®™. The Ramteam®™ Group, formerly known as The Ramteam Network, is a foundation for multiplatform online gaming, news talks, music production and houses several DJ’s.

Ramteam®™ Records:
Founded in 2012, Ramteam Records has evolved from a single trackrelease per 3-4 months, it now has a large portfolio of tracks in several genres, livesets and mixtapes.

We focus on small artists who haven’t made a name for themselves yet or want to expand with us to the next level. We’ve got a dedicated website here, we will launch a webshop for selling tracks in 2018. Next to that we’ve got a premium account at Hearthis for uploading tracks, (live)sets and more.

DJ’s wanted:
Currently we’ve got two resident DJ/Producers and we’re looking for you !!
Feel free to join our website and contact us via the forum.

The team behind Ramteam®™ Records