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Introducing: DJ Ramteam

DJ Ramteam is a 32 yr old guy from the Netherlands whose heart lies in music. Born and raised by his parents, both reknown musicians, he has always been interested in making and performing music. Whether it was instrumental or singing.

Although he was first introduced in the art of mixing using Technics turntables in 1999 and the next few years, it took him until 2012 to take off mixing his way into the world of electronic dance music, mainly focusing on Techno and Tech House. Other styles come and go whenever he feels to.

DJR* has his own style when it comes to producing and mixing. One of his biggest mixsessions is Tech Mag, a series of Techno, Tech House, Minimal Techno and/or Dark Techno. DJR* frequently uses dance and/or trance tracks in his Tech Mag sets.

Productions disclaimer:
Most of his work is available for free download. Some tracks are only available for DJ's to use in their mixes.

DJ Ramteam operates Ramteam Records.
This, for now, is a non-profit label that does not sell tracks.

As of 28 April 2015, Soundcloud will no longer be used for full length livesets. Soundcloud will be used for all of his productions.
Download all full length sets on this website or go to his profile (click here).

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DJ Ramteam

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